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Coat of arms of Puerto Rico

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Coat of Arms of Puerto Rico
Coat of Arms of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.svg
Coat of Arms of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (Variant).svg
Armiger Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
Adopted 1976 (1511 & 1905)
Motto Joannes Est Nomen EjusLatin"John is his name".

The Coat of Arms of Puerto Rico was first granted by the Spanish Crown in 1511, making it the
oldest heraldic achievement still currently in use in the Americas.[1] The territory was ceded by
Spain to the United States in accordance to the peace treaty that ended the Spanish-American War
 in 1899, after which two interim arms were adopted briefly. A law was passed in 1905 that
re-established the historical armorial bearings as the arms of the territory; after numerous
investigations and amendments, the current version was adopted in 1976.




Christopher Columbus arriving in the New World carrying a banner with the initials ofFerdinand II and Isabella I.

The major symbolism of the coat of arms relates to the
dominance of Spain, the strong Roman Catholic influence
in the region, and the integrity of Puerto Rico as a colony of
Spain. There have been different variations of the coat of
arms changing throughout Puerto Rico's history. The current
version was officially re-adopted by the Commonwealth
government of Puerto Rico in 3 June 1976.

On the shield:

Great Seal of Puerto Rico
Great Seal of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.svg
Armiger Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
Motto Joannes Est Nomen EjusLatin"John is his name".

[edit]Great Seal

All of the states and territories of the United States employ a seal to authenticate and ratify documents
and accordingly a seal of Puerto Rico exists, but the traditional coat of arms is used as the main emblem
of the commonwealth. The seal has most of the elements of the coat of arms, but the religious elements
have been stripped away. In the seal, the lamb, which no longer has a halo, carries a white banner
instead of one with a red cross. The lamb's staff does not have the cross mounted on top. The book
the lamb sits on does not have the seals of the Book of Revelation. The first Governors used the seal
as their emblem but in recent years the usage of the seal has been limited to being the official emblem
used to represent Puerto Rico on its legal documents when they are sealed.




Distance from US - 1000 miles (1,600 kilometers) Southeast of Miami

Distance to US Cities by Plane: 3 3/4 hours from Atlanta and New York - 2 1/2 hours from Miami -

4 hours from Boston - 4 3/4 hours from Chicago - Houseon and Dallas - 8 hours from Los Angeles

You do not need a passport from the USA

You do need a passport when traveling from other Countries - Europe, Asia, South America, Central America, - check with your countries travel office for more information -  in some cases you will need traveling VISAS. Foreign nationals should have a valid passport - call the Puerto Rico State Department - 787 722 2121 

Voltage : Voltage is the same as US mainland , 110-220 volts, 60 hz. Electric consumptions is very high in Puerto Rico.


Liquor Laws: The legal drinking age is 18 - Municipal ordinance forbids alcohol consumption on the streets.

Size - 100 by 35 miles (160 by 56 kilometers) similar to the size of the state of Connecticut


Climate: Tropical average annual temperature is 82F (28 C) with constant mild easterly trade winds. Perfect weather year round. 


Driving: Driving is on the right side of the streed, US driver's license can be used for up to three months. 

Time Zone Atlantic Standard (AST) One hour later then US Eastern Standard (EST) From October to April and the same time from April to October - for Exact Time: 1 787 728 9595 - 


Government: Democratic elections every four years


Mail : USPS - All major courier/ such as UPS or Federal Express do service Puerto Rico.


Come to Puerto Rico - and see why we are "The Enchanted Island" 


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Homes for Sale in Peninsula de San Juan Palmas del Mar Humacao, Humacao, Puerto Rico $1,275,000
11 photos
Peninsula de San Juan, Suite 35
Peninsula de San Juan Palmas del Mar Humacao $1,275,000 USD 3,000 sq. ft."approximate size - " Townhouse Residential
Sale Pending
Homes for Sale in Palmas del Mar, Humacao, Puerto Rico $824,000
19 photos
Harbor Lights Estates, Suite 2
Humacao Palmas del Mar SALE PENDING
$824,000 USD
7,000 sq. ft."spacious,like no other" Bi-Level "Living area all on one floor,Available for rent." Residential
Homes for Sale in Plaza del Puerto, Palmas del Mar, Puerto Rico $659,500
23 photos
Plaza del Puerto a place to call home..., Suite 9
Plaza del Puerto $659,500 USD 3,000 sq. ft."approx" 3 Story "Has elevator from first level to Penthouse Terrace (may need upgrade) " Residential
Condos for Sale in Palmas del Mar, Humacao, Puerto Rico $425,000
19 photos
Crescent Beach Location - Location, Suite 238
Humacao Palmas del Mar $425,000 USD "2Bedroom 2bath fully furnished villa" Apartment Condominium
Condos for Sale in Marbella Club, Palmas del Mar, Puerto Rico $400,000
14 photos
The Marbella Club, Suite 330
Marbella Club $400,000 USD 1,750 sq. ft."approx" Single Story Condominium
Condos for Sale in Maralago, Humacao, Puerto Rico $334,998
25 photos
Maralago, Suite 211
Maralago $334,998 USD 2,128 sq. ft."OLAS Model Large Spacious" Single Story "all one level - 2 door 2 key" Condominium
0 photos
Bo. Tejas Humacao, Suite 0
Tejas $325,000 USD "3 homes different sizes" Single Story "3 homes - 1 has 2 floor - plus 2 -1floor homes" Residential
Sale Pending
Homes for Sale in Palmas Plantation, Palmas del Mar, PR, Puerto Rico $325,000
19 photos
Palmas Plantation faces golf greens, Suite 168
Humacao Palmas Plantation SALE PENDING
$325,000 USD
2,040 sq. ft."LARGE OPEN AREAS W/HIGH CEILINGS" Single Story "Beautiful 3Bedroom facing the greens" Residential
Condos for Sale in Beach Village, Palmas del Mar, Puerto Rico $315,000
27 photos
Candelero Drive , Suite 151 - Best in location!
Beach Village $315,000 USD 3-Level Split Condominium
Homes for Sale in Palmas del Mar, Puerto Rico $305,000
9 photos
Palmas Reales @ Palmas del Mar, Suite 42
Palmas del Mar $305,000 USD 2,000 sq. ft."aprox size" 2 Storey Residential
Sale Pending
Homes for Sale in Palmanova Village, Palmas del Mar, Puerto Rico $299,500
30 photos
Palmanova Village @ Palmas del Mar, Suite 5
Palmanova Village SALE PENDING
$299,500 USD
1,715 sq. ft."approx square ft. " Single Story Residential
Lots and Land for Sale in Shell Castle, Humacao, Puerto Rico $295,000
5 photos
36 Shell Castle St, Lot 36
80012 Shell Castle $295,000 USD 1,050 sq. m."APPROX SQUARE METERS" Single Story "BEAUTIFUL CORNER LOT FOR SALE - " Lots and Land
Condos for Sale in Palmanova Plaza, Palmas del Mar, Puerto Rico $285,000
14 photos
Palmas del Mar, Suite 316
Humacao Palmanova Plaza $285,000 USD 1,700 sq. ft."APPROX" Single Story "The views are so relaxing..." Condominium
Sale Pending
Homes for Sale in Quintas de San Luis, Caguas, Puerto Rico $275,000
60 photos
Quintas de San Luis, Suite F5
Quintas de San Luis SALE PENDING
$275,000 USD
3,429 sq. ft. Single Story Residential
Lots and Land for Sale in Palmas del Mar, Humacao, Puerto Rico $249,500
6 photos
Surf Side lot, Lot 59
Palmas del Mar $249,500 USD 886 sq. m."approx" Lot / Land "Build the home of your dreams. " Lots and Land
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